Spring is here!

Dutch Sailing Ship Bounty offers a wide range of arrangements for individuals as well as for groups and companies. Our Team Building Arrangement and Meeting Arrangement have been designed to plot a brand new course for your personal or professional career. We can even take you to the Austrian Alps!
We hope you are as eagerly looking forward to our upcoming events as we are. We look forward to welcome you aboard!
No need for sailing experience but it won’t harm you if you have any. The crew will be most grateful to anyone lending a helping hand unmooring and setting the sails. True sailors will be allowed to take the helm! It is a great feeling to have the ship between your fingertips as it responds to every single spoke of the wheel. The wind hushes in the rigging, the deck heels as the rush of the bow wave reflects the acceleration.  This will be an experience you can apply to your personal or business career!